Circus Directors

Upswing’s training programmes for circus directors have enabled established and emerging professionals to continue their development.

There is a frequent lack of opportunities for professional growth in the sector and these programmes have given circus directors a renewed confidence and fresh approaches that help progress their work.

four people watch while two others hold themselves up on an aerial hoop and rope. A person helps them to balance.

In gathering together, leading industry professionals have been able to question what leads them to create work, discuss design and aesthetics, as well as challenge conditions and exchange new ideas for moving forward. Through practical sessions and critical dialogue circus makers have been able to experience new elements that build their individual practices.

in 2015, 2016 and 2018 we ran a development programme called Circus 50:50 that saw five circus-makers and five theatre-makers come together, with a team of leading industry professionals from across the UK, to understand process, explore form, skills and audience and develop a critical dialogue. These were run in partnership with The Roundhouse and New Vic Theatre as an additional partner.

If you are looking to develop a new partnership or programme, contact on info@upwing.org.uk


“I feel shaken and stirred by today… I want to makes some more work and I feel fierce. I found the honesty of today useful, I feel validated.”

“I  found today empowering, don’t be afraid to follow idea. Don’t be scared.”

“I am ready, I am getting the tools together. I feel confident, validated and justified”

“I am considering more how to not compromise.”

Previous contributing artists

Sue Buckmaster Theatre Rites, Mehrdad Seyf 30Bird, Theresa Heskins New Vic, Firenza Guide No Fit State, Simon Wilkinson BrightBlack, Martin Hargreaves, Charlotte Vincent Vincent Dance Theatre, Maria Oshodi Extant, Vicki Amedume Upswing and more.


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