Learning circus arts enables you to see beyond self-perceived limitations. It helps you to tell new stories about yourself in ways you didn’t know were possible, share them and witness others discovering theirs too.

In all our diverse learning environments, Upswing use innovative teaching techniques to bring learners together and encourage them to raise their aspirations. It’s then that they can gain the skills and confidence they need to discover extraordinary new things.

A woman helps another woman onto an aerial hoop

In recent years we have run artist residencies and commissions to further professional and creative development; created a space for open conversation and question-asking with Join the Dots and Slow Thinking;  emboldened older people by creating circus with them, and ignited young people’s imaginations with our work in libraries.

You can get involved with Upswing through our work in schools and colleges, high energy workshops in community spaces and care homes, Mentoring and training for emerging artists or collaboration within the sector.

A young boy swings a poi around outdoors.

“I learnt you can do anything if you try.”
Workshop participant, aged 8

“I realise I have been underestimating my customers. Care Home Manager

“I was gently encouraged to extend myself beyond my own expectations of duration and stamina.” Bungee Masterclass Participant

“I finally felt confident that a producer understood that my work was a little bit different from the live art and circus work that was out there.” Artist Residency Participant