About Us


“For me as a black artist and maker, one of the most pressing problems we have is to see beyond the surface. Circus creates a democratic space to explore the extraordinary qualities that bind not divide us.” Vicki Dela Amedume, Upswing’s Artistic Director

Upswing is a UK-based, multi-award-winning contemporary circus company. Founded by Vicki Dela Amedume in 2006, we exist to entertain, inspire curiosity, share urgent ideas and tell new stories in extraordinary ways.

An older woman is flung into the air by a younger man in at outdoor performance space. They both smile

Upswing uses circus and the human body as an expressive tool to unite people from different backgrounds and ignite a desire to build connection. Our work brings together different worlds and life experiences.

Circus is a tool like no other, its broad appeal alongside its unique combination of risk-taking, trust and collaboration creates a space for everyone to see the incredible possibilities in themselves and others. 

We are passionate about expanding the possibilities of circus; not only as an art form, but as an evolving and adaptive set of practices that can help us imagine and shape the world we want to live in.

Over the years we have been supported by 101 Outdoor Arts, Arts Council England, British Council, John Lyon’s, City Bridge Trust, The Rayne Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, The London Community Foundation, Without Walls, Jacksons Lane

Upswing is a registered charity. We are a National Portfolio Organisation receiving support from Arts Council England.