What We Stand For

The values that drive us

As a leading contemporary circus company we have an opportunity to make a difference in society and address imbalances of power. Both behind the scenes and in our creative projects and choices. We’re actively supporting climate justice, creating safe spaces and combating racism and we’ve included some resources at the bottom of this page to help you do the same.

Ensuring everyone is safe

The safety and welfare of our participants, audiences and colleagues is vital. When we include people in our work it is our responsibility to ensure no one is hurt, abused or treated differently. We raise awareness of safeguarding risks and apply strict policies, so that everyone can have a safe space to work, no matter their age, culture, disability, gender, language, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.

Protecting the Environment

We only want our company to exist if it can exist sustainably. We believe that protecting the environment begins with our staff, associates and the decisions we make in our offices, on tour, and at home, but also that we can make a difference beyond our own footprint.

Being Anti-Racist

Everyone has the right to be protected from racial discrimination. We work to listen and learn from each other, and to identify, discuss and combat racism inside and outside of our organisation. Our work amplifies the voices and creative talents of those who have been marginalised, and we endeavour to make artistic work that is relevant to communities who do not see themselves and their experience represented in circus.

You may have seen us use the term ‘Global Majority’ before. It’s a collective term that refers to people of African, Caribbean, South Asian, East Asian, West Asian, Central Asian, South East Asian, East Asian and Middle East and North African diaspora/heritage (AKA those who make up 80% of the worlds population).

We’ve embraced the term Global Majority not to eradicate specific ethnic and cultural identities; but to connect and amplify their voices and de-centre whiteness as the ‘default’.

Resources to use and share

We have found resources from others to be helpful in guiding our actions, and we have also written and shared our own resources that resulted from our anti-racism initiatives. Below are some handy links for wherever you or your organisation is at on your journeys.

We created the Big Village Digital manifesto for action so that institutions can better support Global Majority-led companies and create genuine long-term collaborative working. 

The #BAMEOver statement brings together 1,000 survey results and 250 voices from a live debate to outline how people from the Global Majority want their ethnicity to be referred to. These terms were agreed on by the people who took part.

The anti-racism touring rider serves as a resource for any performing arts company who wants to take actionable steps towards becoming more anti-racist.

Stellar Quines created these resources to help the theatre community recognise and speak out against sexual harrassment.

The Theatre Green Book is a three-part e-book that breaks down how to make theatre productions sustainable.

The Green Rider from Julie’s Bicycle is a list environmentally friendly clauses that you could include on your next touring rider.


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