Catch Me

A new outdoor show exploring expectations of gender and age 

Credit: David Pickens

Catch Me is a lively and surprising take on age and gender.

An older woman and younger man balance, climb and jump across a stack of chairs. Together they discover all the people they can be.

Part installation and part performance, Catch Me asks how we see each other and who we value.

Join Upswing for an energetic mix of dance, circus and chairs. Performed in public spaces for the entire family.

Touring in 2019

Norfolk & Norwich Festival
18th May & 19th May

Brighton Festival
25th May

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival
22nd June & 23rd June

Stockton International Riverside Festival
2nd August & 3rd August

Freedom Festival
31st August & 1st September

Festival of Creative Ageing
28th September


Catch Me is supported by Without Walls, Jacksons Lane, Dèda and Arts Council England. Commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Festival of Creative Ageing. Produced at 101 Creation Space.