Slow Thinking

We are inviting Circus artists to a series of open, held spaces for discussion – driven by topics that you feel preoccupied with at this time.

Slow Thinking is a series of collective conversations that aim to feed sector-wide thinking. Whilst instigated by the current Covid-19 crisis, these conversations have the potential to contribute valuable lessons, opportunities and behaviour change that might impact the circus industry in future.

– These discussions are kept small to allow for individual input and more intimate breakout spaces.
– They take place on Wednesdays ona bi-weekly of three-weekly basis at 11:30am BST (GMT+1). Sessions are  approx. 90 minutes depending on the size of the group.
– We will facilitate these for as long as there is a need from the Circus sector for this space. 


Session 4: Topic TBA
Wednesday 17th June 2020, 11:30AM BST (GMT+1)

All future topics will be fed by discussions and ideas raised in previous sessions. Keep an eye on this schedule as we continue to update it. All sessions will centre around how we can continue to create work and ensure that new Circus creation doesn’t stall during this period.

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Wednesday 27th May 2020, 11:30AM BST (GMT+1)

Session 3 focused on The Future – big topic! We shifted the structure of the conversation slightly and plan to host ‘breakout rooms’. These breakouts encompassed the various strands we’ve touched upon so far: audiences & engagement, creation & digital, learning & development and what the future may look like for shows in venues.

Session 3 Recording Coming Soon

Wednesday 6th May 2020, 11:30AM BST (GMT+1)

Session 2 asked “What are the qualities and needs of work online or on the screen?”. We explored this in terms of work for the screen, and in terms of curation or creating in the digital space:
Circus and Film : What does quality mean and what does it look like? What features become significant – choreography and circus skills? Production and framing? Concept and story?  
Circus and Digital : What are the creative possibilities of Circus in the digital space?

This session included contributions and provocations from: Donna Close, creative director and cultural strategist; Joumana Mourad, IJAD Dance; Raphael Herault & Summer Hubbard, Double Take Cinematic Circus; and Mark Morreau, cinematographer & digital artist.

Watch Session 2 Recording

Tuesday 21st April 2020, 11:00AM BST (GMT+1)

In our first session, we explored circus at a distance. The current situation has forced us to think about what happens when we are unable to share live collective experiences. What are the alternatives that satisfy the needs we have for community, for watching circus, learning and for developing new ideas? 

This session included contributions and provocations from: Kate Hartoch, Circus City Festival; Amelia Cavallo, Quiplash; Charlie Wheeller, NetFLIPS; Mark Morreau, Cinematographer and Digital Artist; Rapael Herault and Summer Hubbard; and Joe Fearn, CircusMASH. 

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