Covid-19 Funding Streams for Artists

Equity Charitable Trust

What It Is: These emergency funds are available to all freelance professional performers and those who work in the theatre profession on a freelance basis.  This includes: actors, choreographers, dancers, theatre directors, models, singers, stage management, stand ups, storytellers, stunt performers and co-ordinators, theatre designers, theatre fight directors, TV and radio presenters, variety, circus, cabaret and light entertainment artists, voice artists, walk-on and supporting artists.

We regret that this excludes musicians, drama students or amateur performers.  
Deadline: Rolling. The Trustees convene every two months to consider applications.
Eligility Criteria:
– You are eligible if you have previously worked on an Equity contract, but you do not need to be an Equity member in order to apply.

Further Info:

– There is one form to fill in and there is no guidance specific guidance on how much you can ask for but for the regular benevolent fund claims are around £350-500, though these are exceptional circumstances.

Equity Emergency Welfare Grant Information Here

Dance Professionals Fund

What It Is: These funds are to support dancers, in the arts and cultural sector, who have suffered from the effects of the COVID-19 virus. The aim of this support is to enable dancers, facing financial challenges due to loss of work, to sustain themselves.  Grants are awarded in line with what other support is available, including the many measures the government has taken so far, such as state benefits and other schemes for the self-employed. 

Deadline: Rolling. Grant Rounds will be assessed every two weeks.

Eligibility criteria:

– Three years or more as a dancer in the UK in total, with supporting CV

– At least 50%, of your normal income must come from your dance employment

– Must live in England 

– Must be over 18

– Priority will be given to disabled applicants

– Must have savings of less than £6,000

– All applicants must be able to supply documentary evidence of work/contracts in the subsidised dance sector in England cancelled as a result of COVID-19. 

Further Info:

– These grants are to relieve genuine hardship. If you have already been successful in applying for state benefits, if you are entitled to them, or if you have significant means of support from another source, e.g. a relative or capital assets then please do not apply to this Fund.  

– Grants will be up to a maximum of £2,000 per applicant (you can only apply once) and are intended for Food and household expenses, stop gap until suspension of rent or mortgage payments agreed, necessary communications, e.g. your mobile phone or broadband

Dance Professionals Fund Information Here     

DOC Download: Dance Professionals Fund – Guidance

PDF Download: Dance Professionals Fund – Application Form

The Theatrical Guild

What It Is: This fund supports any kind of stage technician or engineer; company and stage managers; stagehands; anyone involved in costume, hair or makeup; designers and makers of sets, props and puppets; and ushers or box office staff.  Applications can be made via a short online form (click button below). There is no current guidance on criteria or amounts you can apply for.

Deadline: No specific deadline given

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