“Upswing demonstrates the real possibilities that emerge when circus, dance and theatre meet and meld.”

Come with us on a journey, we promise to bring you back in one piece, but maybe with a slightly different view on things. What was impossible, is in fact possible. What was real, is actually unreal.

Welcome to Upswing. Let us turn your world upside down!

Upswing have swung and spun their way through a stunning array of multi-disciplinary performances: from old skool hip hop and young love, through African mythology to an Olympic descent of Nelson’s column that sent a silk banner cascading down this familiar monument. The aerial and circus world of Upswing is poignant, unpredictable, and eloquent.

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Job Opportunity
Wac Arts are seeking a dynamic, experienced person to coordinate the second stage of their continuing professional development programme to develop new skills in aerial work.
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